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The Insider’s Guide to a Smooth and Successful Car Accident Claim.

Over 70% of the total claims made in The United States of America are denied for some reason. Only the victim who has been in an accident will genuinely understand the pain of a rejected claim. Not only do they have to suffer physical pain, but have to carry the burden of extra debt from…

Construction Injuries From Hand Trucks, Wheelbarrows, And Other Hand-Propelled Vehicles

Construction workers depend on hand trucks, wheelbarrows, and carts to do their job on construction sites. If such devices do not work correctly, are stored incorrectly, or cannot withstand the load, the employer is responsible for the costs of a worksite injury. If you get injured by such devices while working on construction sites and…

Things You Must Know About California Premises Law

According to California’s premises liability laws, property owners have an obligation to make their properties reasonably safe for guests. You have the right to hold the person in charge of the property accountable and get compensation for your injuries and other losses if you suffer an injury due to unsafe and dangerous property conditions.  As…

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